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Refundable Damage Deposit

We strive to provide high standards for our guests and request a security deposit to ensure that our properties are respected.  

Holding a deposit reassures us that guests have agreed to be responsible for our property and it encourages our guests to leave the property as they found it.

The refundable damage deposit we take is as follows:

  • Derwent, Dovedale, Henmore, Lathkill and Summer cottages - £50.00 per cottage, per stay.

  • The Main House - £1,000 per stay.

The Damage Deposit is taken as a separate payment five days before guests check-in and returned within seven working days after check-out provided that no deductions are made.  

When do we withhold the Damage Deposit?

We do understand that accidents happen and we are very reasonable about minor breakages and damage, and extra cleaning. 

However, we do withhold the deposits, or a portion of the deposit, for reasons such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Lost keys (we will have to change the locks if you lose a key).

  • Damage to the furniture and contents (mats have been provided throughout so please use them on the wooden furniture).

  • Lost towels 

  • Excessively stained bedding and towels (for example wine stains, sickness, make up or fake tan)

  • Items being removed from the property (for example batteries from the remote control) which we charge per the replacement cost.

  • Excessively untidy properties that take longer to clean than we would normally take.

  • Non-declaration of chargeable extras - for example, undeclared dogs, day guests, etc. 

  • Smoking indoors or leaving discarded cigarette butts  

  • Failure to pick-up dog poo which then requires a member of staff to do it. 

What is the process for withholding?

Our cleaners check everything in the property against our inventory lists as soon as you have left.  If something is missing we will contact you within three working days of your departure. 

If the property is left in a state that requires additional cleaning (over and above what we normally allow for) we will forward photos of the mess and notify you that we are withholding within three working days.

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