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Fire Safety

Fire safety is particularly important and we constantly carry out fire risk assessment and carry out any upgrades required to meet changing legislation.


A full copy of our fire risk assessment is available upon request.


We complete all of the necessary checks to reduce the risk of fire - including, but not limited to annual PAT testing of our electrical appliances and certification of our electrical system.  But, we do ask that you adhere to the following policies to further reduce the risk.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging


Most electric vehicles are supplied with a domestic charger, commonly known as a 'granny charger' or a ‘trickle charger’. These cables recharge the EV using a domestic power source via a 3-pin wall socket.


Domestic chargers are not suitable for use in the Property and will create a fire hazard. The use of domestic chargers is strictly forbidden.

The closest EV chargers are at the COOP in Wirksworth.

Log Burners


Care and attention are required when using the log burner. They are tested and certified annually, but that does not mean that they are without risk.


If you do decide to light a fire – please only use seasoned wood in order to preserve the life of the log burner - this can be bought either from us or local stores. Wood that you find laying about is unseasoned, won’t burn as well, and could damage our chimney.


Please follow these safety measures at all times when you are using the fires:

  • If you have children in your group that are under the age of 10 a fireguard must be used at all times.

    • We did ask you about this during your pre-arrival questionnaire and we will have placed the necessary safety equipment if we know that a child under 10 is staying.

    • If you did not complete the pre-arrival questionnaire please do not use the fires if you have children under the age of 10 in your group.

  • Please do not leave a fire burning unattended overnight or if you leave the house.


Smoke Alarms

There are hard-wired smoke and heat detectors through-out the property.  If a smoke alarm is activated in one cottage, they will sound in all cottages.

There is a monitored smoke alarm system in the Hall.  In the event the alarm goes off you must leave the property immediately.  You can call the Fire Brigade, but they will be on their way.  You can raise the alarm by pressing the buttons that are positioned throughout the house. 

Pressing the alarms without a legitimate reason and calling out the Fire Brigade will result in a fine.  

Candles and Naked Flames


The use of candles anywhere in the property or other items that use naked flames are strictly forbidden.

Smoking and Vaping 


Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.  If you do smoke, please do so on your terrace and get rid of the stubs responsibly.   Please do not throw stubs on the ground, particularly during the summer when the ground is hard and dry as this does pose a serious risk to starting a fire.

Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns


We do not allow outside fires (unless it’s a BBQ), fireworks, or Chinese Lanterns.



In the event that the fire alarms are activated, the fire escape signs will become illuminated to help you escape.  

In the main house, emergency lighting will also come on throughout the escape route.

On the top-floor of the main house, there are escape windows with ladders, just in case you can't make it to the main stairs.

There are fire extinguishers throughout the properties to aid in your escape. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

There is a carbon monoxide monitor in each room where there is a log burner - we do not have any gas on the site and none of our appliances are powered gas.


The alarms are regularly tested to ensure they are in working order.


If the alarm goes off - open the doors and windows and leave the building. Allow the fire in the log burner to die down and when the alarm stops ringing you can re-enter the property.


Please let us know immediately as we will need to investigate the cause of any potential leak from the log burner.

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