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We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and have a daily reminder of the environment around us.  We are committed to maintaining our environment for future generations.  We've taken a number of steps to make our house and cottages energy efficient, have introduced comprehensive recycling procedures and are working to sustain the environment we live in. Here are some of the steps we've taken:

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • We only use LED lightbulbs.

  • All bathrooms lights are activated by motion sensors, so they come on and go off automatically so they can't be left on. 

  • The outside lights are on timer switches and come on when needed. 

  • The exterior walls of all properties have been insulated.

  • The roof has been refurbished in all properties and additional insulation has been added throughout.

  • The floors have been insulated and underfloor heating fitted throughout the ground floor of the house and cottages

  • We've switched to a renewable energy provider.

  • We've switched to air source heating for as much of the heating and hot water on site as we can given our location. 

Recycling and Waste Management
  • Each property has four bins - general waste; glass and plastic; cardboard and food waste.  They are clearly signed.

  • The food waste (excluding meat waste) is added to our compost pile for future use by our gardeners.

  • The company that collects our waste, recycles all waste. 

  • We try not to include single-use plastic - our milk comes in glass bottles (and must be cleaned and returned).  We provide water in reusable glass bottles.

  • The toiletries in the bathrooms are in re-usable large bottles and are sourced locally. 

Local Produce
  • We support local producers and farmers.

  • All of our guests will be provided with the opportunity to stock their cottage with local produce before they arrive. 

Land Management

We actively manage our land to maintain it's quality for the future. 

  • We have replanted a new tree for every tree that we have had to remove .  The old wood has been seasoned and is available to purchase for use in the log burners. 

  • The fields on either side of the driveway are left to grow for silage and they are cut twice each year to create hay for the winter. 

  • No pesticides or fertilisers are used on our property and the animals grazed on our land are raised to produce organic meat. 

  • The waterways and ponds are maintained to encourage local wildlife.  

How our guests can help

We ask our guests to help us in our quest to help the environment by:

  • Not leaving windows and doors open - particularly when they are not in the property - to conserve heat.

  • Switching lights off when they are not in a room or when they leave the property.

  • Putting rubbish into the correct recycling container. 

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