Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have some questions before you book - so we've answered the ones we're asked most frequently below.

Many questions often relate to details contained in our house rules, so I'd just like to quickly explain why we have some of these items in place. 


Firstly - we have to provide you with a safe place to stay.  We've done everything we can in terms of fire risk assessments, annual certifications etc.. but we have to rely on you to follow the rules for the last link in this chain.  

Secondly - we have to abide by the government guidelines around COVID 19.  We are doing everything we can to implement COVID enhanced cleaning procedures, to maintain social distancing and to ensure that your trip is in-line with any government 'rules' at the time of your arrival, but it does mean that we have to ask you for more information about who is staying than you are probably used to giving.

Finally - we want to make sure that you enjoy your stay and are not disturbed by the people around you. 

What time is check-in/check-out and can I get an early check-in/late check-out?

Check-in is from 3 pm onwards (there is a key safe so it doesn't matter how late you arrive).

Check-out is before 10 am.

Early check-ins and late check-outs may be available but it will depend on our turnaround schedule.  When available - fees do apply - and you’ll have an opportunity to make a request nearer to the time of your arrival.   

Can I have your best price? Do you do discounts for key workers?

You will always get our best price on our website and we don't offer last minute discounts.  The only 'offers' we will ever do will be sent to people our mailing list and these tend to be for 'early-booking'. 

Finally, we're sorry but we are not in a position to provide discounts for key workers.  We greatly value the work that has been done by everyone during the COVID pandemic, but as a small business that has been closed for much of the year we have to work to provide a stable place of employment to our own staff in the coming months, which could include another lockdown period in the future. 

Can I we bring extra people/ bring my own travel cot or airbed with me?

Sorry, but the answer is no to all of the above.  The maximum occupancy on each property is based on our fire regulation risk assessments and exceeding these limits can't be allowed.  (We will have to ask your 'additional' people to leave)

We can place one travel cot in Derwent, Henmore and Summer cottages, and two travel cots in the main house - these are available to request for free - and the maximum occupancy on these properties allows for this, but cots/babies are not permitted in Lathkill or Dovedale Cottage. 

Do you have a hot tub?

Yes - we do have a hot tub for the main house guests to use.  Sorry - but we don't have hot tubs for the cottages at this time. 

Can we hire a hot tub and have it delivered?

Sorry - the answer to this question is no for a number of reasons, but mainly because access for delivery is tricky and not practical for short rentals. (to get the main house hot tub in - we had to ask the farmer next door to bring it over the fields on his tractor).  

Can I bring my pet with me?

We happily accept dogs in the cottages.  In general, we say a maximum of two dogs per property, but if you want to bring more please ask us.  It may be practical in some of the bigger cottages, but unlikely in the smaller cottages. The fee is £25 per pet per stay. 

In the Main house we don't accept any dogs.  Really sorry - but it's too big for us to be able to do the additional cleaning caused by a dog (even those that are very well behaved) during a standard turn-around time. 

Where is the nearest pub and can I walk to it?

Our nearest pub is in the village of Carsington which takes about 20 minutes to walk to (it's about a mile).  To get there it's a case of walking over our field on the track around Carsington Water and then from the track you cross over the road and you're in the village.  We've done it at all times of the day and night (although a torch is recommended when it gets dark as there aren't any street lights.  The sky however is stunning without any light pollution!

Can I organise for outside catering etc.?

In general, its fine for you to organise for companies such as caterers, dog sitters, beauticians etc. to come to the property while you are staying.  But, you do need to tell us in advance and we will need to receive a copy of their public liability insurance document.  This is a stipulation from our insurance company and we need to seek their approval for some activities.  Unfortunately, any company that comes to the estate that hasn't been pre-approved will have to be asked to leave.  This not something we want to do (we tend to avoid confrontation at all costs) and you will be disappointed. 


Please just talk to us - it makes it easier all around. We've never had a problem getting things approved in the past (although bouncy castles are no longer permitted).  

Can I put a marquee on your lawn and use the Hall as a wedding venue?

This is not something that we do.  I know it sounds like a simple and cheap way to organise a wedding - but it's actually anything but and we strongly recommend that you look for a specialist wedding venue or consider doing it at your own home. 


As a commercial venue - we have to consider the number of people you'll be inviting and its impact on fire regulations, licensing for alcohol if you want a bar, getting generators on site to power the marquee lights and sound systems etc., hiring additional toilets according to your group size, car parking, the potential damage to our property and the impact on our lawn.  So, all in all, it can be a costly exercise and it's not something that we want to do.