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Guest Safety During the COVID 19 Pandemic

We will all need to continue to take steps to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID 19 infection.  We are taking this very seriously and doing all that we can to reduce risk as much as is reasonably possible.  We want people to feel secure when they are staying with us.  

Throughout this period, we have been actively engaged with our industry bodies so that we are fully aware of the guidelines associated with the hospitality industry.  We have undergone a number of accredited training courses, have produced a thorough risk assessment, and have acquired the necessary industry accreditation. 

Below are the procedures that we have put into place.  These will be continually assessed and updated as required. 



  • We're minimising all contact between us and our guests and making sure that you remain safe within your own group.

  • All arrivals will be 'self-check-in' with use of the lock boxes.

  • We'll still be available via video, email, messenger and phone to answer any questions you may have - and we've put an Ipad in each cottage to facilitate this.

  • If we do have to repair something, we'll do it when you are not there and wearing PPE. 

  • Each cottage is completely self-contained with it's own front and back door, so there is no reason for you to come into contact with anyone else.

  • For the communal facilities - table tennis table and games room; children's play area and tennis court.  Groups will be asked not to use these at the same time.  Products for cleaning and personal hygiene have been left in these areas.

  • At this current time, we can not accept any reservations for groups that will place individuals from more than two households in the same cottage. (this will be reviewed as more announcements are made).

  • The large communal dining room table will in Summer Cottage will not be made up for group meals until members are multiple households are able to meet together indoors. 

Enhanced Cleaning

  • We're implementing all of the government's enhanced cleaning recommendations:

  • All of our cleaners have undertaken the accredited infection control in cleaning training course. 

  • Every staff member that enters the cottages will be using PPE - disposable gloves and aprons - and they will be wearing face masks. 

  • All bed linen and towels are laundered in a commercial laundry at very high temperatures. 

  • We're using disposable colour-coded cloths and government-recommended cleaning products.

  • Each cottage will receive a 'clean' and a 'disinfectant-clean' as is recommended.  

  • All beds, even unused beds are being changed and laundered. (although we always did this)

  • Team members are only working if they (and everyone in their household) feel well. 

  • All soft-furnishings e.g. cushions and throws - have been removed from the cottages for the timebeing.

  • Once a cottage has been cleaned - nobody will be allowed to enter the property again before you arrive. 

Reducing Contact Contamination

  • As part of our enhanced cleaning processes, all touchpoints -  light switches, door handles, buttons on remotes, stair banisters etc. - in the cottages will be disinfected every time.  But we're also implementing a few additional steps:

  • Printed welcome books and information leaflets have been removed from the cottages and instead you'll receive a downloadable APP before you arrive.  We've also put an Ipad in each cottage with this information on it as these are easier to clean.

  • Instead of leaving table tennis and tennis equipment in the communal areas - the equipment will be put in your cottage for you to use exclusively during your stay.  These will be disinfected between visits. 

  • We've introduced new steps for any DVDs and games that you may borrow during your stay so that they are disinfected between stays.

  • We're putting disinfectant cleaning products into the games room for use on the table tennis table. 

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed in the play area.  Please supervise your children and make sure that they use appropriate handwashing and personal hygiene. 

Additional Information Requests

  • We are going to be asking you for more information so that we know who is staying with us, rather than just information about the person making the reservation as we did before. 

  • So, before you arrive, you will receive an online questionnaire to let us know who is in your group. 

Procedure for guests that develop symptoms - whilst staying with us.

  • If a guest is displaying signs of the Covid-19 virus while staying in overnight, they should inform us immediately. 

  • These guests can either choose to:

    • Leave immediately with their entire family/group to travel straight home by car, where they can self-isolate and request a test, or:

    • Self-isolate in their rented cottage to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test.  (Self-isolation means that the guest and their family must stay inside the cottage they are staying in.)​

  • As soon as we are informed of this situation - we will:

    • Close the communal facilities for deep cleaning using enhanced cleaning processes. 

    • Take all waste from that cottage, double bag it and leave it in a secure area for 72 hours.

    • Arrange for delivery to the cottage door of any supplies the guests need (the costs of these supplies to be borne by the guest).  

    • Inform guests staying in other cottages. 

    • Discuss the circumstance with an appropriate health care professional and if necessary, the local authority. 

  • If guests are confirmed to have Covid-19, they should return home immediately.

  • If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority. Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

  • Guests that develop symptoms and who remain in the property will be liable to pay for:

    • Their extended stay

    • Other bookings that have to be cancelled because of their extended stay. 

    • Cancellations and refunds where other guests leave because of the presence of a COVID sufferer onsite.

  • Once a guest with suspected COVID 19 has left the premises, the cottage will undergo a deep cleaning using enhanced measures.  All waste will be double bagged and held in a secure area for 72 hours.  

Procedure for guests that develop symptoms - before arrival.

  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms within the 14 days before you are due to arrive with us - please do not travel.

  • If you test positive for COVID-19 in the seven days before you are due to arrive and are told to self-isolate - please do not travel.

  • If you are contacted by the government's track and trace team and told to self-isolate - please do not travel.

  • In all of these instances - please call us, our standard terms and conditions are in place, but we will try to re-sell your dates. 



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